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Easy to Follow, Step by Step Guides, Instructions, Advice and Tips, that will make you into a more Happy, Successful Gardener.

"to plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow"

Two Essential Things You Must Know

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a little experience this one thing will make your gardening much more successful and enjoyable.

10 Most Common Gardening Questions

The answers to these 10 commonly asked gardening questions will instantly improve your gardening.

A to Z of Gardening Terms

Gardening terms and phrases can be confusing - here all is explained in simple, easy to understand language.

What tools will I need?

Here I have put together a list of the most common tools and equipment I use. You dont need to buy everything at once - just buy one or two things every now and again when you need them.

Inspirational Gardening Quotes

These quotes always inspire me, uplift my spirits and put a smile on my face.

Gardening and Mental Health

Gardening is great for your physical fitness, mental health and social interaction.

How to Grow Flowers

A vase of freshly cut flowers will brighten up any room. They bring color, scent and joy into your life. Follow my simple Step by Step guides showing you how to grow beautiful flowers.

How to Grow Herbs

Herbs add flavor to your food. They also have medicinal properties and can be used in teas, oils and salves. They are easy to grow - why not give it a go!

How to Grow Salad Crops

Salad crops such as Spring Onions, lettuce and tomatoes taste no better than those that have been freshly picked form your garden. Find out to grow them here.


How to Grow Vegetables

Shop bought vegetables can be several weeks old so it is no surprise that Vegetables taste no better than those that are organically grown in your garden and freshly picked.